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Welcome to the Sdols Software, home of the famous IPort network connectivity library, IntraCOM chat software and some smart guys who are developing them!
5 June 2001. New release - SocketMaster ActiveX Collection.

SocketMaster is an ActiveX Type Library, containing four components to work with TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols. Click here to know more of SocketMaster ActiveX Collection.
ATTENTION: If you find a bug in any SocketMaster component - please, contact us . Person who report three bugs (not previously reported by another testers.) will get a full version and one license FOR FREE!
30.05.01 Cell Multiplayer Game 1.00 is ready.
    Finally we finished the Beta-version of famous Cell logic game. Have fun.
29.05.01 FastSocket ActiveX 1.00 finally released.
    Our new product called FastSocket ActiveX is now available. It was successfully tested with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Borland C++ Builder. It is the first control from our EasySocket ActiveX collection. Coming soon: FastServer ActiveX - TCP/IP server ActiveX control, EasyUDP- UDP/IP client and server ActiveX control. If you want to know more about EasySocket ActiveX collection project - feel free to ask us.
29.05.01 IntraCOM 1.00 is out!
    Winsock IntraNET chat software - IntraCOM - now available for downloads. This small utility is extremely useful and can serve you well to communicate inside your local area network. Very small download. "Lives" in tray. Signals when message arrives.
25.05.01 IPort 1.01 is out!
    New and improved version of well received WinSocket-wrapper library packed with several additional features and massively bug fixed is available for immediate download.
24.05.01 Kagi registration service is available.
    If you are willing to pay for the software you use now it's the best time to do it! Kagi is one of the most convenient and safe ways for money transfer. ShareReg registration is still available.

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