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SocketMaster is the set of an ActiveX controls that allow a VB program (or any other program capable of utilizing ActiveX controls) to create TCP/IP and UDP/IP client and server application. SocketMaster collection contains four controls: TCPsocket, UDPsocket, TCPserver and UDPserver. TCPsocket and UDPsocket are used to build client applications (like IRC clients or WWW browsers). TCPserver and UDPserver are used for server applications. You can find the description of all controls here.
Full version features:
Annoying messageboxes disables.
Few properties added - SentByteCount and ReceivedByteCount.
Error handling improved. Added error event.
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With IPort C++ library you will be able to create cost-effective networking connectivity applications for W32 platform. It used to be a pain in the neck - not anymore! Sockets are very user-friendly when you start to talk to them in IPort language! You can use both TPC/IP and UDP/IP protocols to build fast and pretty client or server applications without hours of reading windows sockets documentation.
version 1.01 features:
Fixed TRANS_UDP bug (IIp Service).
Stability and speed improvement fixes.
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IntraCom is as easy to use as it is easy to install. Just unzip the single-file application to any folder on you PC and run it! You will be instantly able to chat with anybody on your Intranet who has the IntraCom installed. Clean, clear interface, minimalistic requirements and small size makes the IntraCom an excelent choice for anone who'd like to talk with colleges and friend over the home or office network.
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Wrapper for TCP/IP socket. Have properties to initiate and close TCP/IP connections ( one connection per control ). Fires events when receives data packages. Simpliest way to build InterNET applications as FTP or IRC clients, chats etc. Our developers are ready to help You - just e-mail us if you have any problemt.
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Prepare to be surprized. Our best small PC game - CELL - is ready to entertain you. Download and play for free. Registered users get access to all disabled features - game settings customization, editing field parameters and much else.
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